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  • CGMaxed 3D Liquid Printer Bed Adhesive is a revolutionary new product based on PVB printing technology. Provides maximum adhesion for 3D printer beds.


  • It is affordable, No Impurities, and easy to use. Coats printer bed evenly. Dries rapidly even when applied cold.

  • Apply Multiple coats to create an even stronger hold and prevent warping entirely.
  • Easy to clean off the printer bed with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. 90% or higher recommended.

  • Get the strongest bond for your 3D printing projects with CGMaxed 3D Printer Bed Adhesive.

  • Prevents most warping even with cold drafts directly hitting an open print bed.

  • It is able to take Multiple prints without diminished adhesive properties.

  • This alcohol based PVB liquid solution creates an extreme hold during printing.

  • Some claim it can correct an uneven printing bed, allowing for a perfect print.


Pure PVB, Alcohol Based Liquid Adhesive.
Created in a sterile lab.
Based on the chemistry of PVB printing filaments. Cleans off easily with 90-99% isopropyl or denatured Ethyl Alcohol.


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We are the first to create a PVB liquid adhesive for 3d printer beds. The results astonished us.

$21.99 per 6oz bottle. ON E-BAY

Several Types of bottle dispensers available upon request.

All seal well. No clogs or drying while in bottle.

About Us

Our Online Store was founded by a group of professionals dedicated to designing innovative and sustainable products that stand the test of time. With our exceptional service and attention to detail, we guarantee that your shopping experience will be seamless from start to finish. Take a look at our site to learn more about our brand and quality standards.

Because of the successful testing and blind group testing, demand is expected to be higher than anticipated.

Thus, distribution will be delayed temporarily until appropriate mass production machinery is obtained and

installed in our new manufacturing warehouse. 

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Naples, Florida 34114

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